Ore Dock Brewing Company

Traditional processes and premium ingredients are the blueprint of each beer crafted at Ore Dock Brewing Company. Ales that emphasize balance and drinkability, each sip engaging the senses while providing for effortless enjoyment. Weäó»re less interested in pushing the boundaries of craft beer and more about defining ourselves by uniquely meeting standards set forth over centuries and within frameworks of traditional style. That isnäó»t to say we donäó»t have our fun. But weäó»re serious about what we do. Beer is our passion.

114 Spring Street, Marquette, MI 49855

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Poetry Splash Open Mic

Join Two Books, Two Communities at Ore Dock Brewing Co. for a Poetry Splash Open Mic night.

9/22 5:30pm
The Real Cost of Food Outreach Event

The Marquette Local Food Fest Committee is hosting a panel at Ore Dock Brewing Company to discuss the real cost of food and food insecurities in the Upper...

10/3 5:30pm

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