Women's Leadership Summit 2020

Saturday, March 21 at 9:00am

A moderated panel of professionals discusses women in the academy and navigating leadership. Free for all NMU students. Come with your questions. 

Saturday, March 21 * 9am - 2pm * Peninsula Room * Northern Center

Panelists include Donna Becker Ph.D., Martha Gerig Ph.D., Brandon Gerig Ph.D., Sonia Geschwindt M.D., Sierra Gillman M.S. Candidate, Amy Hamilton Ph.D., Christine Hartline Ph.D., Diana Lafferty, Ph.D., Lesley Larkin Ph.D., Jill Leonard Ph.D., Martin Martin M.S., Erich Ottem Ph.D., Mandy Taisto M.S. Candidate, Kate Teeter Ph.D., Alisha Wasilewski PA-C, Susy Ziegler Ph.D.