Art and Design Building

This on-campus building houses our 12 art disciplines: art education, art history minor, ceramics, computer art , digital cinema, drawing/painting, graphic design, human-centered design, illustration, jewelry/metals/sculpture, photography and woodworking/furniture.

Art and Design Building, Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855

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Gonzo Media Presents: "The Handmaiden" (2016)

Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "The Handmaiden" Plot Summary: A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a...

2/22 9pm
Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" Plot Summary: At a carnival in Germany, Francis (Friedrich Feher) and his friend Alan (Rudolf...

3/1 9pm
TYRUS (film screening)

TYRUS presents the story of how Tyrus Wong overcame a life of poverty and racism to become: a celebrated painter who exhibited with Picasso and Matisse, a...

3/13 6:30pm
Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "Buzzard"

Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "Buzzard" Plot Summary: A slacker working as an office temp makes extra money by stealing refund checks from his...

3/15 9pm
Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: "The Exterminating Angel"

Gonzo Media Proudly Presents: Luis Bunuel's "The Exterminating Angel" Plot Summary: Guests at an upper-class dinner party find themselves unable to...

3/22 9pm

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Eve Feldman

Eve Feldman left a positive review 10/19/2017

Incredibly interesting and engaging!