In January 2018 the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) presents a solo exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Alexis Rockman that examines the past, present and future of the Great Lakes, based on Rockman’s extensive research, travel within the region and conversations with environmental scientists, historians and Great Lakes specialists.  Rockman is known for his paintings of future landscapes depicting the impact of climate change, species extinction and evolution influenced by genetic engineering. From October 18 to October 20, Rockman will be an artist in residency at NMU. The students and community are encouraged to join us in all the following events:

Northern Climate Network Panel Discussion

Join Alexis Rockman, Norma Froelich, Aimee Cree-Dunn and Jill Leonard for a panel discussion on the role of art and other forms of representation in public...

Breakfast at the Beaumier

Enjoy a light breakfast and visiting with the artist Alexis Rockman, while viewing the Conserving the Land exhibit, which looks at how citizen groups,...

Artist Talk: Alexis Rockman

Rockman will give a presentation discussing his new project based on the Great Lakes as well as touch on inspirations and processes for producing these works.

Reception with Alexis Rockman

Complimentary food and music and an opportunity to talk with the artist Alexis Rockman.

Student Field Art Workshop

Art and science students will partner to learn how to combine natural materials with art techniques including Rockman-style field drawings, cyanoprinting,...

10/19 11am, 1pm
Breakfast with Alexis Rockman

Enjoy a light breakfast and visiting with the artist Alexis Rockman, while viewing an exhibit by NMU art and design professors, Taimur Cleary and Christine...

Dead River Walkabout: Changing Waters

Learn about the history, ecology and environmental impact of the Dead River Basin in a walk along its shore with Alexis Rockman and local experts. Meet at...

Student Field Art Exhibit

Fish prints, sun prints and field studies produced at Presque Isle Park by NMU students under the direction of artist Alexis Rockman.